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    Here is a news item to upset any Jew bashing Terminator fans on here;

    LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Movie star and California political hopeful Arnold Schwarzenegger will take part in a Jewish ceremony to mark the second anniversary of the September 11 attacks, organisers said.

    The would-be governor of the most populous US state will tour Los Angeles' Simon Wiesenthal Center, the seat of a major Jewish lobby group, before attending a ceremony honouring the more than 3,000 people killed.

    "We will light candles in the memory of each one of those who died in the attacks," said the center's dean, Rabbi Marvin Hier.

    "We invited a range of political figures from across the board and Arnold responded and we are very happy to have him," he said.

    Schwarzenegger has long supported the influential Wiesenthal center which he once asked to investigate the activities of his father, an Austrian Nazi party member, during World War II.

    The Republican "Terminator" star is campaigning to become California's next governor if voters choose to unseat the state's unpopular Democratic governor, Gray Davis, in special October 7 polls.

    Dave R.
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