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the tale of 3 bios

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    In 2001 Peregrine Corp set about an aggressive program of establishing partnerships with medical research facilities that have unique, cutting edge technology. Three major companies have been established - PRR - PrimaBioMed, SLT - Select Vaccines and PBI - Premier Bionics. These companies are linked to Austin Research Institute (PRR), Burnet Institute (SLT) and Monash University (PBI).

    The idea of establishing these companies is to steer through the varied and sometimes difficult issues related to ASX procedure and budgetting requirements and deliver a cash flow to enable the scientists involved in the various projects to focus on research. They have designed complex advisory panels with eminent doctors and scientists on board to give expert opinion on molecular structures and medical breakthroughs. Their focus is clearly directed towards properties that are near market ready and need expert guidance at an extremely important stage of commercialisation. They rely on the aid of experts like Dr Anthony Filippis whose expertise in commercialisation of medical based products in life sciences is world renowned.

    Well boys and girls why am I telling you all this drivel? Because if the penny hasn't dropped and you don't realise what is going to go down with these three companies over the next 6 months you probably should think seriously about why you are in the market. The milestones of all 3 companies are on time or ahead of forecast and they are all perilously close to commercial reality and this of course means an income stream. How much? Well just have a close look.

    Prima has 4 subsidiaries - Arthron, Cancer Vac, Panvax and Oncomab. Any of these that achieve market reality will guarantee an income stream that will be a company maker and Arthron is looking very positive with commercial deals perhaps as close as 2-3 months - certainly pre-Christmas.

    PBI has made a huge breakthrough in the sleep apnoea market which is worth billions world wide and are currently speeding up their commercialisation time frame - once again 3 months to Christmas.

    And SLT - successful diagnostic procedures on the spot in the doctor's surgery established for Hep A and Hep E (a world first) which are commercial ready. A Hep C diagnostic procedure appears to be only months away and I can't get any estimate of what this will do to the market cap of Select when the procedure is complete. It's just that scary - 170million cases worldwide per year with the licensing agreement estimated to be about $1 per test. The price of a Hepgenics test is approximatley $10 versus $50 for the old "send it off to the lab" test. Their molecular discoveries are locked up with patents and it will undoubtedly revolutionise Hepatitis diagnosis worldwide. They are also working on a vaccine for hepatitis.

    These 3 companies have done the hard yards. They are now ready to start the till turning over with revenue streams that will have their market caps heading into orbit. PRR, PBI and SLT market caps are 31, 9 and 16 million respectively with a share price of 45c, 35c, and 65c approx.

    Select has been rightly compared to Cellestis whose market cap is over 100million. I have no doubt when commercial reality is achieved (imminent) Select's cap will greatly surpass Cellestis and even if it were to equal it woud represent a 6 fold increase in share price and I publicly stated before I expect $4 -$5 as a not unachievable commercial reality on the back of Hep A & E and God only knows where to with C.

    There is an absolute bucket load of info on all 3 companies so even my kids could carry out due diligence. If you didn't believe a bloody word I've said, I couldn't give a fat rats cause it's not me that's losing. I'm on board all three big time and I make no bones about that.

    I believe PBI is the real sleeper in its niche market and represents exceptional value. SLT has been a HotCopper favourite and I believe I was the first to promote it well over a year ago when I picked up what was shaping up to be a back door listing in a mirror image of PRR.

    The major difference between biotechs and the old tech wrecks is the tech wrecks were just dreaming of a market. The biotechs have a market and if it is unique they can go from millions in market cap to literally hundreds of millions in a matter of weeks or months. I urge all HotCopperites to investigate these fully, cause "Cudgee Bear from over there" would recognise the huge potential that lies ahead for all three.

    Please do your own research and you will be rewarded.

    Cloud of Sparrows
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