"In their unconditional support for Turkey and Saudi Arabia, all...

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    "In their unconditional support for Turkey and Saudi Arabia, all the West are doing is helping ISIS.

    T0 solve this whole thing, the West have two choices:
    1) Get out and leave the Middle East to sort itself out, for better or for worse.
    2) Launch a full offensive, ground troops and all, USA, Russia and Europe, total war, scorched earth, against every ME country, Turkey and Saudi Arabia included, and place the whole thing under Western occupation. Transport every Muslim in Western countries back.

    Both are extremes, but all this half-hearted, piddling on the bonfire, doesn't, won't and can't work. It leads to more instability, more terrorism and more Muslims invading Western countries and bringing all their strife with them"

    Perfect , except for 1) the fact that so many muslims are in western countries already , and of course , they are all just friendly , ...umm...sleepers ?

    So 2)"Transport every Muslim in Western countries back." Applies to 1 as well.

    Reminds me off the ...lol..".War on Drugs " of the USA

    Unless and Until all citizens are randomly tested at all work places , etc from the President down , AND the penalties for testing positive to ...whatever ...are Extreme

    Then the govnut's have a choice.
    1 Continue the propaganda ...we are against drugs(etc etc (and the situation continues to get worse day by day )
    2GET REAL ....Enforce EXtreme penalties(INCLUDING PHARM !)
    3 The govnut sells every drug available , cheaper and 'safer' , and at least , cuts the $ into mafia / corruption coffers.

    The west , however , has lost all gumption for REAL choices.....prefers to live in fantasyland.
    Fantasy is ending .
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