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the symbyotic relationship: nrt and yale

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    My reply to someone who complained that Yale was not giving any credit to Novogen in their Research papers:

    "Mr X,
    I have a personal view of the symbiotic relationship of Novogen (NRT) and Yale through MEI, an American Company, 95.2% owned by NRT.

    1. YALE: This university gets a number of grants, endowments and large donations and to continue receiving and increasing these, needs to keep on producing good news, especially high-profile news which the medical team at Yale no doubt delivers with their outstanding research on Phenoxodiol.

    I would say, that by not mentioning NRT, the achievements may appear to be even more impressive.
    They do not claim having invented Phenox however although some readers may think that by implication they do.

    Yale is a powerful organisation; it has graduates in all fields of business and their connections with all facets of industry must be of superior quality. I surmise that they are well represented in Govt and will be recognized by powerful interests.

    NRT must be given credit for securing these ties not only with Yale but also with other universities, Research Institutes and Hospitals. All are occupied with the study of Phenoxodiol.

    Once these connections were established then these can be used in future projects.
    So, NRT is well backed by prestigeous, influential and successful friends.
    All do use NRT but they do give back in many ways.

    American connections secured now are important to us particularly if any trial successes are declared. Research on Phenoxodiol is to continue anyway, I would say.

    2. MEI: This is an American company which is recognizable by US interests. It is a beautiful devise to raise capital and achieve the object of greater penetration in the US be it Research -Yale and others-or future busines. I believe that the establishment of MEI was the highlight in NRT's existence.

    3. MEI tends to obscure the role of NRT - as does Yale - so NRT has to find ways of overcoming that; I believe it can do so once that high profile NV07-a hits the market to be followed by any successes in the trials.

    Phenoxodiol: While recognized as a potential outstanding drug, it would be fair to suggest that until Yale "got hold of it", its progress could best be described as limited.

    4. Summary.
    I believe that this symbyotic relationship is outstanding and will serve the interests of all participants very well indeed".


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