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    I am motivated by CGT2009's recent posting to write a little snippet of life in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

    Time: 4.30 pm on a week day

    Characters: Tamara with daughter Chloe. Also Samantha and daughter Petunia.

    Setting: Very large HUMV driving down New South Head Road. Tamara has picked the two girls up from their private school and is driving them to dancing class.

    Tamara: Did you see that wonderful ad with Cate in it?

    Samantha: It was so motivating. I loved the bit where she lifted up the blind and showed the sun. I have been telling ALL my friends we must say YES! Even if we don't understand what this carbon tax thingy is all about.

    Tamara: We have been saying YES for years. Had those solar panels installed - got a whopping big refund from the government. My partner Sebastian has told all his hedge fund friends that it's the next big thing on the financial markets.

    Samantha: That wonderful Al Gore made heaps I believe.

    Tamara: Are you going to the Riviera for your holidays?

    Samantha: Perhaps, we might do a tour in India on the way. They are so colourful, the Indians. Lots of beggers and cows though. You can always look the other way, of course. I am going to book our first class tickets next week.

    Tamara: We will go to Switzerland later. Sebastian has to check on his off shore bank account and he wants to buy a new Rolex. But first we will spend some time on our property in Bowral. Our manager says there has been some trouble with cattle emissions.

    AND SO ON!

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