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    BREAKING NEWS: President Trump Pushes GMOs in New Executive Order

    The Obama administration was a huge disappointment for proponents of non-GMO foods.

    Obama made it a goal to label GMOs, but ended up scaling back in the drafting of a new law that undercut Vermont’s labeling law.

    This enabled companies to choose whether or not they want to label GMOs. It also appears that the Trump administration will follow suit alongside the Obama administration and doing so, in a quicker fashion.

    Report: Trump Signs Executive Order to Push GMOs

    The Center for Food Safety organization released a report finding that the Trump administration signed a new executive order to push reform in the agricultural industry. These changes will only benefit Monsanto and other GMO producers that have been trying to push GMO’s out into stores.

    The petition states that the executive order will ensure a 180-day review to “ identify and eliminate unnecessary regulations.” The order will create a task force meant to “recommend eliminating food and agriculture legislation, policies, and regulations that might hinder the profit-making of “agribusiness.”

    The details of this executive order are scattered, but the main interpretation of this order, is to remove restrictions and sensible regulations on GMOs, pesticides, genetically engineered crops and various other toxic chemicals. From the petition: “We know that regulations regarding the oversight, production, and export of genetically engineered crops are high on the list,” the petition states citing a report from Politico.

    “The Executive Order also seems to push for faster and/or easier approvals for pesticides and biotech crops, pushing biotech crops abroad to ease export market access, easing the privatization of scarce public water resources for corporate gain, and opening public lands up to mining, farming, ranching and other activities that don’t belong on our public lands…”

    Between Trump and his chosen candidate for Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, they have raked in millions from the industry, and it seems they are now working towards fulfilling the favor.

    A prime example for this, Trumps received $1 million dollars from Dow Chemical for his inauguration, an the company is pressuring him to force the EPA to either cancel reviews of hazardous pesticides or apply pressure on them.
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