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the surprise packet of 2010

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    I have a position in GGP and I have a feeling it might just be the surprise packet of 2010.

    FP while if it is a success will be great for the's but one of their plays.

    My holding is in heads, but I will now be buying oppies.

    The 2012 oppies are looking cheap to me and because of my confidence in the management of the particular SG..........I believe these oppies are a real buy at the current price.

    GGP is a current producer and I believe they will be taking on new projects going forward.

    While FP may prove to be a great success and I hope that is so........the making of this company rests on future decisions of management and their choice of projects........and in that I have full confidence.

    Happy New Year all
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Currently unlisted public company.

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