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The storm is coming again

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    I will re post my original post again as i believe the storm is upon us. My original post making reference to another company in the iron ore space in India was i guess not appropriate. Seeing India is in a massive growth boom with a shortage of iron ore i guess lets concentrate on what is unfolding here and that is that ESI are in the right place at the right time with 2 massive companies who have shown keen interest and are working with ESI to move commercialisation forward on 2 game changing techs which can help India's shortages and needs in a massive growth boom unfolding over there.

    I suspect last weeks bot activity at trying to attract some selling by continually selling 1 share at .006 was a signal that we are getting close to a storm of activity here. I believe this week we may start to break as anticipation comes into play that surely we are close to further developments since our December update which indicated that ongoing talks although being made more complex due to the inclusion of both Matmor and another party NMDC into the equation the company was continuing to move forward on these discussions. The December update made it clear that formally acquiring the Matmor technology made ECT's position in discussions step forward and that significantly it removed complexity around the discussions. So we are coming on 11 weeks since ECT acquired the full rights to Matmor with both NLC and NMDC clearly showing in their annual reports and their chairman's address their keenness in talking about Coldry and Matmor developments.

    In that December update it clearly states that key activities for the new year were joint collaboration for Coldry/Matmor and Matmor testing. They stated that they received several tonnes of NMDC ore and NLC lignite for testing so that box must be well on the way to being ticked. So we are well into the new year now and i would expect we must have made some ground on these discussions for a joint collaboration with these parties therefore being close to ticking box 1 on a collaboration. The update states joining forces for a suitable collaboration framework acts to mitigate the risk, which is an important consideration for any commecialisation activity. Sounds to me like the 3 parties are not talking about ifs here more like working together to get this commercialisation moving forward together with both parties being involved in 1st the Coldry demonstration followed by Matmor. They also state that the Coldry feasibility study now caters for a 3 party approach incorporating Matmor. Seems like NLC and NMDC are happy to be working together to incorporate both technologies together for the benefit of both parties giving the benefit of producing both thermal coal equivalent or Matmor feedstock from NLC's lignite. With coal prices being up and down its a no brainer that Matmor inclusion is the icing on the cake for both parties that gives multi uses for NLC's lignite as price fluctuations in thermal coal markets take place.

    India is just at the start of a massive growth boom and we are in the right place at the right time with 2 companies that know very well that our technologies are game breakers for them and their country. Steelmakers are running at approximately 40% and Matmor on the back of Coldry is a solution that sees 2 massive companies in India join forces with ECT to finally deliver this little ASX company success after trying so many times before. Its a shame we needed to take our technology outside our own country but in the long run it will prove a blessing for both ECT and its shareholders. Interestingly i see no new developments from the ALDP winners. Funny that isnt it. Looks like India is where the boom is coming not the LV and i believe the market will awaken to this in coming months with any company making developments there. ECT is right there already with a feasibility incorporating 2 game breaking technologies and in discussions for a collaboration with 2 massive Indian companies. This story is about to heat up and the patient ones will finally be rewarded.
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