the stolwyk situation

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    To date, I have stayed out of this discussion because even though I find Gerry's manner condesending, patronising, controlling and generally offensive these are not reasons to become involved. Likewise, the fact that I may agree or disagree with the content or volume of his posts is not something that concerns me. Even the slightly disturbing addressing of newbies last week was not enough to bring me to comment.

    However, the following post from another forum which has been presented in another thread DOES disturb me.

    ...this is from ShareTrader chatsite in nz posting on BLT....with stolywks reply...good to see how much he respects us here on hc hey gerry.....

    Gerry, is there anything I can do?

    Im fully loaded and am ready for the PUMP

    Have you @ssumed a position yet?



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    ..and then stolwyks reply....

    Hi C9,

    It is a risky stock; different from NRT and CMQ.

    I am not too sure how it will perform; having said that I hate to be out of it.

    I don't think many Aussie stocks can be ramped on Sharetrader, so I won't even try it.

    A few at HC think that I ramped CMQ from $5.50 to $8.60 within a very short time. I don't have to build up my reputation; they do it for me, thanks!

    Miner, you missed that BLT run from 88 cents to $1.19; it took 2 days. Now it is $1.04.


    Action? Hmmm...not sure. Does it warrant banning? Perhaps not. Maybe a warning from HC management? Or failing that, what about a warning from the community?

    What do others think?

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