The start of Good Government

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    Well, after 17 months of terrible government, Tony finally steps up and declares the start of good government was Monday.

    Unfortunately, his transformation into a good PM was very short-lived as he lied on the very first day to his backbench colleague from SA.

    The back bencher got a guarantee from Tony that if he supported Tony in the spill against nobody, the ASC would be allowed to get a chance in the open tender process.

    Haha, well this was a lie. They are only allowed to be in some sort of indescribable BS process, which virtually means they have no chance.

    Hockey muttered something about there is no time for there to be an open tender but they can partake in the meaningless BS process.

    What a shambolic mess this govt is. To have the gall to lie straight to a backbenchers face is unbelievable.

    Obviously, Tony has already done an underhanded deal with Japan for these subs and doesn't trust Australian sub builders to be allowed to see the secret requirements of the subs. But is is ok for a past enemy to have all the australian secrets!

    What a slime bucket.
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