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the speculator reports only good news for aam

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    In his recent report (yesterday) The Speculator reports that the temporary retreat of the gold price to under $1100 this week has seen some stocks like A1 Minerals being overdone with regards to pruning of the stock price or otherwise being over sold.

    So that's good news for everyone who is still holding this stock.

    I think A1 will be in the green again today?

    I recently sold out and moved over to TRF due to the delay with the gold pour, but intend on purchasing A1 again soon based on all of its promising reports e.g. the established reserve of 150,000 ounces plus the JORC-compliant resource of 1.7 million tonnes.

    The latest gold price is around US $1100 an ounce, and the current exchange rate at US $.89 which equates to a local gold price of $1236 per ounce and a projected cash operating costs of $600 an ounce, which implies a gross operating surplus of $636 an ounce which is better than the mid year projections of AAM according to a report I have read.

    All the best to the holders of A1 today.


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