the so called facts on the blackout.

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    Author: Jim Sinclair

    The Facts About the Power Outage:

    1/ The power grid problem did not occur because lightening hit a Niagara Mohawk Power Station.

    2/ No reason has yet been established for the power outage.

    3/ Four tests were made of the power grid system in the last year to determine if this computer-controlled system could be hacked into.

    4/ In all tests the hack was successful entering into the system.

    5/ Wednesday of this week a voluntary agreement amongst utility companies was entered into for the installation of new hardware and software to prevent hacker's access and destabilization of the power and water systems.

    6/ The next day the systems failed, so far for no apparent reason.

    Who Did it?:

    - An act of God?
    - A nerd with a laptop at Berkley?
    - Terrorists testing the system for a diversion to be used in their next planned major attack on the US?
    - The 5th US government test worked better than they expected
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