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    " ... a thought provoking article about an M.I.T.trained economist, Krishnamurthy Narayanan, whose GI Global Opportunities Fund has returned 57% in the past year and 19 per cent (compounded) over the past five years.

    For those of you who remain convinced of the long term invincibility of the U.S. dollar, he sounds a note of caution if not down right alarm.

    He also has some positive things to say about the Canadian dollar, gold, oil and uranium - hardly mainstream views these days. But his views were hardly mainstream a year ago when he warned about the financial crisis that is currently spreading like wildfire around the globe."

    The above was written by David Duval at

    "Heed the advice of The Smartest Man

    ..... "There are, however, some things The Smartest Man wouldn't touch. They happen to be the assets the investing masses have flocked to in this crisis: U.S. Treasuries and the greenback. “I don't think it can hold for that much longer.” Once the world has to absorb trillions of dollars in new U.S. debt – watch out. In fact, he thinks the odds of the U.S. having its own currency crisis are “at least 30 per cent.”

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