GDN 0.00% 1.7¢ golden state resources limited

the slumbering mouse stirs

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    Golden State Resources has been in a semi-somnolent state for weeks now but is up 13% this morning. Anyone know why? At 3.4 cents I guess there's more room above than below! Let's hope it catches a thermal and gets a serious dose of altitude sickness.

    What do others think? Just a hiccup or the first symptom of a serious bout of gold fever?

    I like the prospects for these small cap gold stocks, especially one with a chart pedigree like GDN. It's been to fairly rarefied heights (52 cents) before and has had a good long trawl (3 years) at the lows. Maybe "It's time!" As gold fever really gets a hold on the market, these are the ones to be in I reckon.

    Good luck to all. I hold.

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