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    Gee, things have certainly spiced up a bit around here today.?
    Nothing like a sagging SP to get the knives out.
    Oscar releases some weight off his shoulders to ensure theres no excess baggage charges before his flight to Europe this week.
    And the others getting stuck into ? management in the falling SP.
    No one likes the share price falling, but I tend to look at what's happening and what's developing rather than low volume fluctuations.
    How many emerging R&D biotechs ?out there had 6 figure gross sales over this weekend ?
    The commercialization is a steady process, and to be quite honest, I tend to think it is going well.
    Remember sales are above expectations and TVSN had 10 dedicated segments during which esra confirmed some stores are selling out of products. They are begging esra to come on.
    This will only grow.?
    Cash flow positive by end 2012, must be a changing target if sales are above expectations with elixia.
    There is a truck load happening and money being made. These prices will not last long.
    I can't remember exactly who quoted, maybe TL, when the HC forum goes negative it's a sure sign to buy.
    Give them some credit for what's happening and remember it is not an overnight process.
    Personally what I've seen and heard over the last few weeks reassures me, rather than creates doubts.
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