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The Situation

  1. 7,432 Posts.
    3 month chart showing previous Break of 28/30 support/
    Estab of 16/20 range and recent break under that to 14/145.
    What to do?

    well @Don as a long term holder still in profit by under 10 cent buying.
    You need to Double Up if you choose on signs of an uptrend revival
    which 'agressively' is indicated as sp going over 18.
    Buying NOW at sp going 15 or lower is still Falling Knife action
    ie there is no indication of  it not going lower.
    One does NOT go a price made in a DownTrend MUST be as low as it can go
    there is NO FA way of calculating absolute bottom price
    Only TA ways of calculating a Bottom/ Trend Reversal has MAYBE Happened.

    My "Take' on the current situation is that there Has Been New Buyers Accumulating 16/18 but they are very wary Fresh Meat to Triton, very aware of their fellow Holders having been 'caught' by Fundamentals and Dreams at 30 cents Plus. One could have been caught by TA at that level 30 cents
    but mostly IMO it's the SYR/TON comparison rah rah'd, even Management Promoted that has been the Triton Undoing and Un Ravelling.

    TONNERS forget SYR and it's Market Cap/ Chart and What is said it's doing clearing the field for TON fast tracking supposedly. Forget that there are Dark Forces operating to stymie the Triton.

    Wanna know IMO only of course, Brad Boyle's Big Mistake ?
    Doing the Scoping Study on 200kts Minimum. Just like SYRah. Virtually the SYR scoping study was a Template concept  in TON's. TON virtually Plagiarised it yet had no even 'crappy'  MOUs to back their 200kt forecast figures.
    It was just the usual SYR has given proof of concept to Triton. So we TON will just use their research, etc coause If SYR can do it so will TON cause... well.. Brad is "nicer" than Tolga. He's Arrogant Brad is 'Approachable'.
    Well Pilgrims to Mammon Approachable is another word for DESPERATE!!

    That's just not good enough and when the Market especially of New Buying Big Accumulators rejects such a FA Fundamental as a scoping study? well it's a proof of concept Fail/ Mark Down Time.
    Thus has TON fallen from $100mil MC at 30 cents to $50 mil Market Cap now.

    anyhow probably too much bogey man @Names little but names today was NOT a capitulation day
    That Rapture Time is still to unfold, hopefully never?

    oh Louie Rapture Time is a heavy duty Fundamentalist La La Land Concept if you were not aware.
    Google/ Utube it  The Rapture.
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