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the situation as i see it

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    it has been very frustrating to sit on the sidelines in the sin bin and watch many girls post criticism on this stock.

    the first thing i would like to ask is what do you expect of a public company that is targeting a multibillion dollar market, with proven products that are selling like hot cakes & only has a market cap of $13 million?

    the IP surveillance industry IS forecast to be worth $12 billion USD by 2010. That is only 2 years away. ZYL have proven time and time again their products are good enough to win deals - several councils, qantas terminals, australian federal police, telstra stadium, rmit colleges in melbourne, nsw government, national art galleries etc etc etc...

    so why is the sp so cheap? myself i think it is obvious. apart from martin place securities who are the number 1 shareholder of zyl last time i looked, there is nobody of significance on the shareholder list. the script is largely held by small time traders. zyl need to attract a serious investor to the register that is going to take out all the small fry and send the sp to levels far closer to where it belongs.

    given the announcements over the past 6 months & the story that is unfolding here (and i havent even touched on the rainbow device which i expect more news of in the next day or two) zyl could easily command a market cap in excess of $50 million.

    so perhaps the critics should begin posting on mining spec's or biotechs all of which will only ever own a piece of dirt or a failed cure for cancer yet are as we speak valued at multiples higher than zyl. zyl have proven products that work & are selling like hotcakes now. hopefully a serious investor can see this before too much longer.
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