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    In Adelaide, at an occasion during the mid seventies, I stood in a neat row with SLR at my side whilst Brig Phillip Greville, my commander, dedicated a modest timber cross to the men of the Royal Australian Regiment (of which I was a member) who had served Australia in war.

    Part way through his speech he paused, and yelled ÒtraitorÓ at a crumpled man in company of an ABC film crew at the edge of the assembled crowd.

    Greville shouted ÒtraitorÓ several times more and then overcome with emotion was helped away from the dais.

    I was shocked Ð I knew Greville was a soldier of some standing, an ex prisoner of war of the Chinese in Korea and his outburst was uncharacteristic to say the least.

    Some days later I happened to catch him in a quiet moment back in Keswick barracks and emboldened by my concern for a man I respected, I asked him what had prompted his career-ending outburst.

    He and others who suffered in North Korean PW camps told me of the torture they had suffered as prisoners of war at the hands of the Chinese and North Koreans and how Wilfred Burchett had aided the enemy in their efforts to interrogate Australian soldiers and how information supplied by Burchett to the enemy was used to humiliate and psychologically pressure Australian PWs.

    One man Ð Private Maddern, a member of 3RAR was singled out by the enemy and tortured to death in front of Greville and his peers.

    His courage was recognised by the award of a George Cross because of his selfless sacrifice of his life to protect his `matesÕ.

    Burchett had his citizenship revoked after the Korean War and did not return to Australia from the Soviet Union until `commieÕ Jim Cairns engineered a re-issue of his Australian passport.

    Shortly after his return to grace, Burchett with ABC film crew in tow, made their presence felt at the dedication of a memorial to men, he, Burchett, had helped our enemy torture.

    From that day Ôtil now I have despised the ABC culture, the ALP and people like Pilger who support scum like Burchett.

    I will never forget.

    Posted by: OldDigger on Dec 21, 04 | 12:10 am

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