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the secret partner

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    i dont buy this story about the secret off-take partner , why would any major company wish to keep its involvement secret ?

    here are some possibilities 1, that regent is the secret partner and because they receive 8 million options the market would realize that they would have to put in a take-over offer for the company in 2 years and the share price would rocket and maybe regent have asked for more time to accumulate stock !

    2 , ok it might not be regent but the only reason i would think any company wants to keep there name secret is that they know that if any body knew who they were the sp could rise substantially and the company need more time to ascertain what path they will eventually take with bci full ownership or just possibly to buy a 20 percent stake (they might already be accumulating )

    3 any ideas fellow holders ? ,but you must agree it doesn't add up !
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