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the science behind epitan

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    Hi all
    With this post I am losing my posting virginity on Hot Copper. As a Biochemist I have read just about all there is to read on Melanotan. It is very easy to stimulate just about any cell in the human body- The easiest way to do this is to give a patient artifical administration of a synthetic hormone that compensates for the bodies lack of production for whatever reason. Various drugs also can have this effect whether deliberate or as a side effect.
    From my understanding the lab rats at Epitan have sequenced the Hormone that stimulates melanocytes (MSH). From here they have taken a small part of this hormone- or perhaps all it (13 amino acids in all) and found that it still works on melanocytes. Since it is derived from a natural hormone I'm betting that there will be no side effects and with this revelation these guys at Epitan will one day have more money than they ever imagined possible!
    Each year $8 billion gets spent on sloarium use in the U.S.- so worldwide would be about $20 billion (vain creatures we are!) Who would go to a solarium when they can get an implant that gives the same result minus the skin damage/cancer that inevitably comes with UV exposure. Even if a frequent sunbather/solarium-user goes through life escaping skin cancer they will sooner or later (and I mean sooner!) have a face that looks like an old leather boot and thin saggy skin all over their bodies that makes them look shithouse! There are also a lot of people like myself that used to sunbake when they were younger but now don't because it aint worth dying for! But they would love a tan- and soon they can get a tan sitting in front of the telly. Since sunscreen is now tax deductable I bet epitan will be too for all those people that have outdoor occupations (and there are lots of them!). I guess that some time in the future when the success of this drug becomes more apparent then they will sign a Joint venture with a large pharmaceutical company that will take care of the manufacturing and distribution. Here is a question to finish- what will the share price be of this company be if they start pulling in $1 billion p.a. or perhaps heaps more? I brought $32K worth at 0.32 (would have brought earlier had I found out about them earlier) and should see that go to around a $1 million one day. Buy and hold-mark my words!!!
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