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    The ,always interesting, Around The Traps column yesterday had this piece on PSX which may indicate why it has had such a fabulous run:

    Around the traps...with The Ferret
    30/06/2003 11:25:09 AM

    Psiron looked a real goer last week with your Ferret trumpeting its virtues on Thursday as a Stock to Watch when the price was 24 cents.

    The small research biotech company is highly prospective but its real winner could be a piece of equipment relating to inhaled drug delivery.

    Earlier this year Psiron was talking to Canon Inc on the sale of the Vapotronics intellectual property and the market thought it was a done deal.

    Ferret believes another big US starter has come out of the woodwork in the interim and triggered a battle royal.

    It wouldn't surprise if Psiron made an announcement to the ASX on Monday.

    Stock slightly weaker today after hitting 28 early on

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