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    Iraq, How Did We Get There?
    Nov 08, 2003
    By John Anast

    As the battle rages in Iraq what do we really know about the reasons for the war? The weapons of mass destruction "WMD" have become harder to identify and as mysterious as UFO sightings. In fact a disturbing aspect of the hunt for WMD was the admission by Mr. Kay, who has no academic background in any scientific discipline, was that no "program" could be found supporting the claim that Iraq had attempted to reconstitute a nuclear capability.

    As investigations continue within the US Congress as to the nature and quality of intelligence provided to decision makers within the Bush Administration, a few well placed leaks and a few scant news articles are beginning to identify what actually happened. It seems that a small group of Zionists created and operated their own intelligence service within the Pentagon which came to be known as the Office of Special Plans "OSP" run by Douglas Feith, Mr. Shulski and Mr. Luti, under the supervision of Mr. Wolfowitz. According to a July 17, 2003 story in the Guardian by Julian Borge which is an expose on OSP, Israeli's were admitted to the Pentagon on occasion without having to show identification or sign-in, allegedly as directly authorized by Mr. Feith. The now defunct OSP is at the center of the storm. It is suspected of rewriting Intelligence as well as providing information known to be false directly to decision makers in the Bush Administration without being vetted or reviewed by seasoned intelligence analysts at CIA.

    The Guardian in the same article also reported that OSP had "parallel ad hoc" sister organization within Sharon's office in Israel -- a separate function from " Mossad " . It was later leaned from sources in the UK that a similar office was operating out of 10 Downing Street. The speculation is that Zionist agents in the US, Israel and the United Kingdom under the direction of Israel, directly and through surrogates, planted false intelligence in official Pentagon channels for use by the Bush Administration as a means to deceive the US Congress and the American people. There is further speculation that the Zionist agents were all too eager to circumvent US law and had no hesitation to provide false information to the US Congress. One may note that last statement is not surprising given some of these very same Zionist agents were convicted in the United States of that very offense in the past. It does not take much to assert that they placed the interests of Israel well above the interests of America. CIA reports resolving that Iraq would become a quagmire fuelled by Iraqi resistance to occupation were promptly discarded by the Bush Administration in favor of the ridiculous notion that the US Army would be welcomed as liberators. There is currently an effort emanating from the Vice President's office and from within the Pentagon to wholly blame CIA for faulty intelligence, as the "perpetrators" are attempting to find solace in another lie for the ghastly loss of American lives in Iraq and the economic toll yet to be felt in America. Sources mentioned that the task of rationalizing the intelligence product was well beyond the capability of Dr. Rice at the National Security Council "NSC" who could not handle the task. It may well be that Rice, et al seem more interested in covering-up their errors than in setting forth exactly how their Zionist mentors subverted and co-opted their work.

    Some were surprised that these same Zionist fanatics went as far as to out a CIA operative in the press as an alleged slap against her husband Ambassador Wilson. More likely it was a salvo meant to stop similar leaks in an effort to cover-up the connections between prominent members of the Bush Administration, NSC staff and the Israeli operation to deceive the President of the United States, the Congress and the American people, which was apparently not that difficult. It should be no surprise to anyone that Israeli agents in America would disclose information harmful to American interests when their actions are directly responsible for the deaths of over 350 (and rising) US military personnel in Iraq (as well as 1,000wounded) and have thus far cost the US over $ 150 Billion (and counting). I have heard it said that within the Administration there is a strategy to wait until after the 2004 presidential election to take action quietly against some people at Pentagon and within the White House itself. It seems that they do not wish to appear "stupid" before the American people.

    As to the real reason for the war in Iraq, well that is all too easy to answer. The Iraq war which is spiraling out of control was actually about oil, but not oil destined for the United States. Israel, through deception, instigated the conflict in an attempt to gain access to Iraqi oil. I am sure that many are familiar with the pipeline which runs from Iraq into Jordan and at one time continued on to Haifa. While the pipeline was used to ship oil to Jordan the flow to Palestine was cutoff in 1948 . Israel actually had military plans to attack Iraq on its own and steal the oil as outlined in an extensive 17 April article, updated 06 May 2003, by Joe Vialls entitled "Israel's Blitzkrieg on Middle East Oil" That said, Israel lacks the military resources for an extended campaign and direct ground access as well as the manpower to be able to hold a position in Southern Iraq, especially with the continued intafada and the likelihood that Syria and Iran would oppose such a move and attack Israeli positions in Iraq and Israel as well. So with few operational options to implement Israel did the next best thing it instigated a proxy war to be fought by the United States.

    The ultimate goal of the Israeli failed plan was to create a "Rotterdam" type export operation at Haifa -- as brilliantly reported by Joe Vialls. A very strange idea considering that the pipeline traverses several Arab countries and is opposed by Iran. But the Israeli's figured that the cost benefit was well worth the effort and cost to America. According to Mr. Vialls' article the Israeli's estimated that the port of Haifa as an oil export terminal would generate $45 billion in annual fees. So Israel used its Zionist agents in America to dupe the Bush Administration (obviously not too hard) into attacking Iraq. While Americans are being killed in Iraq by the dozens, a faint echo of laughter may be heard in Tel Aviv. The Israeli plan also called for the US to attack Syria and Iran (and Saudi Arabia if necessary) as a means of quashing any meaningful opposition to reopening the pipeline.

    It took surprisingly little additional effort for the Zionist agents of Israel in the United States to mirror the Israeli plan into official US plans, without attribution, so that they seemed complimentary and in strategic harmony. As if to suggest that their war was our war and that their strategic interests were the same as those of the United States, when nothing could be farther from the truth. The mere fact that Israel sought to implement its plan for oil conquest highlights the fact its strategic objectives are in direct conflict with the strategic regional objectives of America. In addition Israel's acquisition of a sub launched nuclear capability also underscores its desire to move away from dependence upon the US for deterrence. Unfortunately for Israel it is a blight upon the American taxpayer and cannot survive without the constant flow of monetary gifts from the very people it despises and has learned to ignore. The Israel experiment is a complete failure, its economy is in serious trouble and its reliance upon the United States has become problematic and an anathema to them. So if Israel were to become self-sufficient and in fact survive it would need a source of revenue -- oil, which is the premise of Mr. Vialls' article. While their plan failed and lacked the foresight and contingencies expected as opposition to the occupation of Iraq by average Iraqi's became a reality, what did they lose? They gained additional access to US technology, more military aid as well as additional economic aid. While they did not gain Iraqi oil, the US is paying the price in terms of both money and lives.

    Turkey which recently refused a state visit by Sharon on his way back to Israel from Moscow would have been the big loser as the Zionist dream (really more of a nightmare) would have replaced Ceyhan as the principle export point in the Med. What every country in the Middle East region must remember is that the goal of Israel in not by any means peace in any sense of the word. Its goal is dominance of the entire region and complete annexation of territory well beyond Palestine. It should be clear by now that agreements with countries like Turkey are a ruse and should be recognized as such. With oil traders in Israel squawking about a "new Rotterdam", I am sure Turkey understands full well they were used as a pawn in a larger Israeli strategy which includes the domination and subjugation of Turkey as well. Palestine is the front line in a struggle against the state sponsored terrorism of Israel. The daily sacrifices made by the Palestinians against ethnic cleansing is a fight for their homeland to be sure, but it is also the finger in the dyke against the expansionist maniacal desires of Israel which threaten the entire Middle East.

    The price to be paid by the United States for the sins of Israel are beyond calculation at this point. The Bush Administration's Iraq policy seems to be to prevent any free expression of democratic principles from forming a democratic Islamic government until after the 2004 elections. It seems clear to people on the ground, with exception to the Zionist propagandists who dominate the talk show circuit in the US, that an Islamic government in Iraq is inevitable. The mistakes made in both planning and implementation have been so gross and consistent that one must wonder if the goal of some at the Pentagon was in fact to prevent the quick reconstitution of Iraq? Iraqi owned businesses are being sold off to foreign interests, Israeli military intelligence bases are being constructed near the Iranian border and services have yet to be fully restored. Contracts for needed services have been reverted to sales of new equipment from US suppliers that in many instances the Iraqi people do not need or cannot use, but the sales go on. Some months ago the Pentagon and its civilian counterparts in Iraq decided that medical facilities would be restored and restricted to the hospitals exclusively so that new equipment could be provided as a boon to US suppliers, instead of providing needed medical services free to the average Iraqi in a secure location where they could feel safe. Very few if any American Iraqi doctors were contracted for their obviously needed contribution. In fact many American Iraqi doctors were rebuffed and had to make humanitarian efforts on their own. There were also plans to implement the re-training of the Iraqi military into regional units, and into police agencies to assure order in Iraq. But those plans were rejected at first, and are now only being reviewed for implementation. The human toll and costs of the sins of Israel in Palestine and now Iraq are beyond measure.

    The entire world must join together to force peace on Israel -- which is what it fears most. After a Palestinian State (with full statehood) of contiguous territory is recognized, then countries may engage a disarmed Israel in treaties and trade. It is foolish for any country in the region to engage in discussions with Israel regarding any matter except for Palestine. Unless that is accomplished Israel will continue its push into Arab territory without much of a whimper from the Bush Administration here in occupied America. Since the war is being fought on behalf of Israeli interests think we should deduct the costs of the war from the annual military and financial aid to Israel.
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