The Right is beset by civil war

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    Excerpt from todays Crikey, a cracking piece by Guy Rundle.
    The fun continues.

    The Right is beset by full civil war. Perhaps worse; it is a sort of Mogadishu of roving armed bands, combining and splitting again. The polling reversal reaches so far back up the pendulum that there are now around 25 MPs, who are now feeling their necks and looking at the calendar. They include a number of first-time members who might have assumed they would get two terms under their belt quickly, and get within cooee of some really decent lifetime super ... serving their country to the fullest possible extent. Having bumped themselves into Parliament, they now face the possibility that this musclebound god-bothering lunatic might plough the thing into the ground, and they’ll have to get a job again. No wonder they and others are pissed off.
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