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    Okay, now everyone has done the easy job of typing 3 letters for their pick of the year I suggest that we actually make this more valuable by putting in a little more work.

    My suggestion is that the nominator (or someone else, if necessary) be "responsible" for each stock.

    What does being responsible for a stock mean? Well I think it should mean periodically providing an ongoing update of the company and it's performance. Alerting the other HC members of significant events as they happen (or before they happen is even better!). Maybe even be a sort of clearing house for information about the stock.

    I guess this could be refined as we go.

    I hope you can see what I am getting at here. I am sure that many of you are much like me and see mentioned many stocks each month that may be worthy of further exploration. However, after putting in the hard yards we find that in the vast majority of cases the stock does not fit our investment/trading plan. If we have someone that we trust that can give us a "heads up" on the stock we may well save ourselves a lot of "wasted" energy.

    It's also good to know that there is an expert on hand that you can refer to when something happens or catches one's eye. As I have said before, I dont hold GTP but it is on my watchlist and if anything happens I know that I can ask Alpha and get an answer that has some research behind it.

    What do you think?

    I, of course, am happy to volunteer to be "responsible" for my nomination in the "Ridge List" - CST.

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