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the return of Sensi-Stop!

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    In case you did not have your fill the first time around.  For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Sensi-Stop is a P&G dental adhesive strip that stops teeth sensitivity for up to a month after a 10 minute application.  It was new back in Aug/Sept and many believed it would be OBJs first P&G product.

    Well I raise it from the dead again because a new trademark application has just been filed that greatly expands the scope of the product name.

    It used to be :
    • strips impregnated with non-medicated preparations for the treatment of sensitive teeth; dentifrices
    • medicated oral care products, namely medicated strips; strips impregnated with medicated preparations for the treatment of sensitive teeth
    Now its :
    • dentifrices, non-medicated mouthwash, non-medicated dental rinse, breath freshening sprays, non-medicated liquid tooth desensitizer, dental bleaching gels, whitening strips, whitening rinse, whitening drops, tooth whitening kits, tooth and gum pain gel, disposable wipes for cleaning teeth, tooth foam
    • medicated mouthwash, medicated dental rinse, medicated liquid tooth desensitizing treatment, applicators impregnated with medicated liquid tooth desensitizing treatment, fluoride mouth rinse, denture adhesive cream, medicated disposable wipes for teeth, medicated gel for treatment of oral pain and sensitivity
    • manual and electric toothbrushes, dental floss, interdental picks, replacement electric toothbrush heads, dental hygiene apparatus

    You could say they are just covering all their bases now that they have a successful product.  But still, there it is.  Replacement electric toothbrush heads to treat sensitive teeth.  What would be special about a tooth brush head to make it especially useful for sensitive teeth?  Sure, softer bristles is the obvious answer.  Or perhaps something else that we might be familiar with.  Time will tell.  If nothing else, its another example of the myriad potential OBJ related applications from P&G.
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