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the resource update/upgrade, page-19

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    Based on the recently released Annual Report (page 4), it looks we can expect an upgrade of resources (increase in resource base) at Garatau.

    "The mineral resource at Garatau will be updated by the end of
    2009 as part of the BFS being carried out at present. The downdip
    portion of the De Kom property will be drilled to resource
    status during the remainder of 2009 and the first half of 2010
    and is expected to add significantly to the resource base."

    In relation to the Tubatse project, they are aiming at increasing the size as well as the classification of resources (page 5). But there is no indication as to whether this will be included in the upcoming resource upgrade...though would be nice.

    Given that the AGM is being held this Friday in Bermuda (10pm WST), we might be lucky to get the resource upgrade announcement on Friday afternoon as I'd assume they'd want this released prior to the AGM so that it can be included in discussions.

    Apologies if this information has been posted on another thread but there have been that many posts of late, it is impossible to track them all!!
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