UMC 0.00% $1.30 united minerals corporation nl

the rerating

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    that fdl dominated thread is getting longer and harder to load. how about we change the tone and look forward to what umc have already found and the targets they'll be hitting in coming weeks (not months) weeks. ??

    Lots in the pipeline and surely last weeks news and the fact the directors are now set means the sp might just find some strength in coming days/weeks/months. certainly frustrating to see it just sitting around $1, but those who were hear all of last year will recall that when UMC moves, it can move in 20-40% increments .... UMC should start its assault on $2 within the next three months ... or am I just thinking it will?

    good luck all, im off on another jaunt this week (no rest for the man on holidays), and hope we are even further advanced by this time next week when i check in again.
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