the reiv do they have criminal intent?

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    Real Estate agents across Victoria are suffering as there are next to no buyers for overpriced property.
    I know this as family members are in the real estate game, One is a manager of Docking, One is a rep for Buxtons and one is a Director of MPRE.

    Looks like the REIV was out in force spruiking a take off in the market in order to shore up the income for their plebs who in turn pay the REIV fee's for Enzo's pay packet.

    I pity the buyers that rush out to "take advantage" of the REIV BS.

    The Real estate market is going to be in decline for the next 6 to 10 years as the bubble just keeps on deflating.

    Growth in the Australian economy ? Pigs Bum! We are going over the other side of another asset bubble that saved the ecomomy from the last stock bubble.

    Time for another bubble to keep the economy going?

    Guess what that will be?
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