VCR ventracor limited

the reason why vcr will break its 52 week high

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    No-one has noticed that the marketing machine of VCR has a ingenious plan. They have not announced the rights issue date.

    I will guarantee they will announce the success of the 2nd patient before the rights issue ends. This will have everyone scrambling for their bargain entry price of 2.25
    This will easily push the price beyond their 52 week high. Hasn't anyone else thought of this?

    This company is THE best planned marketing machines I have seen in years. Any yes don't bother arguing about if the 2nd patient will be a success or not. That is already beyond doubt. This company does not impant the device in anyone with a low chance of success. Yes I know their requirements of implanting, but stop being dumb and realise they will choose the best chance of success only,
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