The Real Threat to Israel

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    Everything in life goes in cycles like the stock market. There are peaks and there are troughs. How you behave during the peaks determines how far you will fall in the troughs.

    At the peak of the last economic boom Greece went on a spending and avoiding work spree . Germany as usual was cautious and unimaginative. The bust came and Greece is a basket case and Germany is the strong man of Europe.

    In the 1930’s the situation of the Jewish people was at its lowest. Today Jewish fortunes are at a peak. What are they doing? They are doing the equivalent of the Greeks. They are brutalising the Palestinians. They are antagonising all their Arab neighbours. They are orchestrating a hate campaign against all Muslims.

    What we do know is that the brutal beast called man has always engaged in war. All wars use every available weapon so the next war will involve nuclear weapons and lots of them. Thus there will be another war, possibly shortly, if the private school boys who run western countries keep on antagonising Russia. Economic sanctions against Germany after World War 1 were the catalyst for the rise of the Nazi party and World War 2.

    As I have previously said the real threat to Israel comes not from the Palestinians or the Lebanese or the Syrians or the Iranians.

    The real threat comes from those quite secretive Muslims in the Soviet Union and Pakistan who have access to intercontinental missiles and their nuclear warheads.
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