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    thought you might all be interested in the story below by "jaws" @ ozestock posted today" interesting thread over there, no b.s from naysayers,


    "If you look at the stock's performance chart on the Epitan website, you can easily visualize a "line of best fit" (at least some of my statistics course material stayed with me)....and that "line of best fit" shows an obvious, steady, upward trajectory over the past 6 months.

    It could be that my expectations on this were just off, and instead of seeing a couple big "overnight" surges in the stock, what we might be looking at is slow, but steady growth over time.

    It may just be that the public is too skeptical on a revolutionary technology such as this, or perhaps they can't see its full potential.

    To us it seems obvious, but to others, especially those who tan easily, they might not see how revolutionary this really is.

    I guess we can understand the public's skepticism on this technology...after all, there's never been anything like a drug like this that can alter one's genetic skin type.

    It's like asking people in the early 1910's to see and understand how air travel will change the whole fabric of society. Same with the Internet in the early 1990's. THose who had the vision of how it would change the whole world got rich...those who didn't understand did not capitalize on that revolutionary change in communication.

    It takes time for people to grasp a revolutionary change or innovation of any kind. "
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