The real indigenous issues

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    It amazes me, the pathetic, complicit virtue signalling morons in this country refuse to address the real issues affecting indigenous Australians.
    Every stooge out there protesting today can be proud that they are complicit, yes complicit in the vile, horrendous, Continuous abuse and neglect of indigenous women and children.
    By way of refusing to acknowledge, accept and call for action against the biggest killer of indigenous people, again almost exclusively women at the hands of indigenous men.
    You pathetic little people!
    The downright denial to even acknowledge and accept this issue is criminal!
    But NO, we want to deny it happens, we want to ignore the issue because it’s too raw for my bleeding little heart to accept. So I will engage in the virtue signalling to make myself feel all warm and fuzzy.
    It is assured that while you’re chanting on the street today and feeling wonderful about yourself a number of indigenous women will suffer severe injury and possibly death at the hands of their partner.
    It is highly probable at least a couple of indigenous kids will be sexually abused while you hold your cardboard sign up and chant BLM!
    Obviously these black lives don’t matter because nobody feels good about acknowledging the dark, sad truth!
    Keep telling yourselves the lie you are making the lives of indigenous Australians better because you are not!
    March for these people, the true victims, you pathetic little people!
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