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the quiet biotech - so far

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    Hi all,

    BTC is of course more of a biotech investment pooled fund but there are a couple of reasons that suggest its worth a look in the longer term and three that suggest you should keep an eye on it right now.

    The first of the urgent reasons for interest is that technically BTC is building a beautiful consolidation directly below a major resistance level of 47c (the previous high from which fibonacci rising patterns are correlating.) This suggests a seller is capping the price here but buyers seem happy to take what stock is available.

    Secondly, one should look to the recent action in the BTCO options. Lots of buying interest has been present for a few weeks now.

    That brings me to the third reason to have a look here.

    The BTCO options just happen to expire 31/9/03 ie in about five weeks time and convert at 50c. It would seem most unlikely that interested parties would want to see these options not convert when a/they are so close to being 'in the money' and b/ when such a gift for a capital raising in the middle of a biotech boom is so tantalisingly close.

    As always do your own research - BTC's fantastic timing of their investment in CCE at 10.5c only weeks ago is certainly one highlight of this firms operations, but at the very least it should prove profitable to keep an eye out in the weeks ahead.

    Manager appears to be Challenger.

    Any thoughts or corrections welcome as always.
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