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the question is ... will the gap get filled

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    I am talking about the gap that will occur at 10.07 tomorrow morning when MAK gaps up on open!!


    Just a beautiful thing!

    I have been out all day & just got home to check on my MAK/O's ..... They are alive & well I see.

    Well done to the many traders who have made some $$$ on MAK, but trading is like snacking through the day .. I do it all the time, and so do most of us here. But taking a large position in a stock you have researched the crap out of, is like eating a nourishing dinner. That is where the real nutritional value is, or in this case, where the "real money" is to be made.

    A book worth reading is "Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator" by Jesse Livermore. The point that comes through all the time is POSITION, POSITION, POSITION!!!

    There is a story in there about a novice trader who asks an experienced investor why he didnt sell a stock after it had spiked up & looked about to fall ... His answer was "because if I sold, I would lose my POSITION" The newbie replied, "I dont understand, why would you boss sack you if you sold" .... LOL

    The point made was that if you build a large position in a moving stock & then sell down your position, you almost never buy back the SAME amount because the risk seems greater now that you have no profit buffer. You then will miss out on the next run, which is quite often bigger than the first.

    This is how millions of $$ are made by some, and why others just stand on the sidelines & watch.

    Its not an easy thing to do, and many times it has failed for me, but the profits from the big winners have exceeded the losses a 1000-fold

    Well done to those that held through much of the down-ramping rubbish from some of the posts over the last few days ... that next up-leg might be on us quicker than we all expected.

    $1.60 is my next target .... we shall see

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