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    Mr Shorten sees schools as factories for Social Engineering.

    Bill Shorten has committed to continue funding for the contentious Safe Schools program beyond 2017 but has not yet said whether he would keep the heavy curtailments to the scheme ushered in by Malcolm Turnbull.
    The Safe Schools program triggered a conservative backlash for introducing students to the concept of gender fluidity and encouraging kids as young as 11-years-old to role-play being in same sex relationships.
    Mr Turnbull ordered a review of the program following a revolt by a majority of the Coalition backbench, with Education Minister Simon Birmingham then limiting the program to secondary schools, removing inappropriate content and involving parents.
    The Greens have sought to pick up voters from Labor’s Left flank by committing yesterday to a $32 million rollout of the scheme. The minor party has also flagged changes to remove the exemption for religious institutions from anti-discrimination laws.
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