The problem with the Coalition atm in a Nutshell!

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    Coalition are missing the point.

    The have lost touch with the reality of main street because they do not understand the issues.

    The Coalition in a nutshell are far to narrow in their solutions and focus and consequently do not provide scope to address rising debt, unemployment and other issues growing facing all Australians. Australians to an extent elected the government for a change and development and apart from stopping the boats nothing has happened and it is not just about the senate.

    The problem at the moment is the Coalition is locked in to work relation reform and tax reform. That is it!!! Whether it gets by the senate or not or includes GST or not.

    Not good enough.

    The Australian people want to be empowered. They need market reform and it just is not happening. They need improved productive constructive regulation in consumer, employer and resource provider markets which just is not happening.

    Then there is Labor which spends and raises debt.

    This is simply not good enough from either of the major parties and frankly main street have had a gutful!
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