The Problem with Forums.

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    Having been a Hotcopperite for some years now the fundamental problem with this type of forum to me is the variety of strategies employed by posters.

    As with most things there is no right or wrong ways to play the beast only ways that eithier make or lose money.

    History has provided us with some basic behavioural 'no-no's' but outside of that as the market is dynamic then so must be one's strategies.

    Because strategies differ what makes sense to me might not interest you.

    Therefore the only thread which has universial acceptance and participation is the old chestnut of 'This one is so undervalued and will double in the next 5 seconds' type of post.
    This post is easy to understand and appeals to the very powerful emotion of greed.

    If this does not work we then all turn to religion which is where HC seems to find itself at now.

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