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the problem when you become famous

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    I cant complain though, no im not famous but BRM is certainly in the lime light, just 2 days ago we were lucky if we had 12 regulars that posted a day...LOL..

    Jesus Christ i cant see any of my old mates here anymore, the BRM thread use to be a quiet daily chat about some big dreams that we all had, we are still all a bit shell shocked today im sure i can say for all the long time holders.

    Im looking forward to when the hype dies down and things get back to normal, im sure we will have a few new long term holders which is great, im also happy for the traders that make a quick buck and get out and move to the next flyer.

    It was really funny before this news we all said that our thread would get bombarded, well we certainly did get hit hard.

    Anyway like i said, i cant wait until things slow down on this thread and i can get to chat with my old mates and hopefully a few new ones.

    Good luck all, long/short and everyone inbetween ::)))
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