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    Reverence and venerability are the primal forces of all knowledge. (2011 version)

    This means that a person must have venerable reverence in himself for all things if he wants to attain knowledge.

    All things are venerable, the positive ones as well as the negative ones, which should be respected in the same, equal way in reverence, when they are not degenerate.

    Logic states that everything and everybody in the universe was created in universal love and serves a certain purpose, consequently it is venerable and must viewed with reverence, because nothing is created in the universe, without it being committed to a certain mission.

    Pay attention to your surroundings and your experiences and pick out from them everything that claims reverence from you. Pay attention to the people, the animals and the plants, and see the venerableness in them.

    Criticize and correct your fellow human being not in a degrading form, but in a balanced form, to rectify their mistakes with honest love and attention, only in an helpful and supporting manner.

    This is necessary for the sake of reverence and because of the natural creative laws, thus you are urged to be well-balanced negative as well as well-balanced positive by which you completely act in balance and are able to feel reverence for all things.

    Example of well-balanced positivity: When an animal in Nature becomes degenerate for whatever reason, then it will be either banished or destroyed by other animals or humans. The mere act of destroying the degenerate animal is negative, because an act of destruction is negative in itself, however the result is neutral-positive because the degenerated animal is destroyed and thereby the balance in nature is restored.

    Example of lack of reverence:

    To use solely/mostly age, gender, social-economical position to win an argument instead of using common-sense and reason is a clear sign, that one is not able to counter well formulated arguments with logic. After a certain age common-sense and reason has grown to such an extent that possible age difference becomes less relevant, provided the person has studied and keeps on studying. If a person needs to use physical properties (I am older, or I am a man, or I am rich, etc, etc) to 'win' an argument, then that person has already 'lost' a discussion.

    Maybe a less valid example, if one JUST thinks of age as a prominent factor, then in that way of reasoning would mean Pope Benedict XVI (born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger on 16 April 1927) would be a wiser and more experienced man then 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, because he is born on 3 February 1937, little shy of ten years later.
    Wisdom yields more respect than just 'white' hair.

    You may never just see the good(logic, balance etc.) or just see the bad(illogic, unbalance, etc.), but you must see the good(logic, balance etc.) and the bad(illogic, unbalance, etc.) in an equal balance, and you must recognize the venerability from both factors and accept, that both, good(logic, balance etc.) and bad(illogic, unbalance, etc.), are factors of vital importance of the creation-conditioned evolution, thus they must find reverence in your being.

    Thus, you should never judge falsely, but be recognizing and respectful,. You should make this your internal and external rule of life.
    This rule must be to you a component of your Gemüt, your psyche and your consciousness.

    You have it in your power to perfect yourself and to transform noticeably within time.
    However, this change must take place in your personality, caused by your reasoning, Empfindung, feelings and thoughts.

    Hence, it is not enough that you show reverence only externally to one or all things, while this reverence is still foreign to your personality and to your thinking.

    You must have reverence, in your Empfindung, feelings and thoughts whether you are awake or asleep, or whether you are amongst others or alone.

    You must start with this if you want to work your way up in the secrets of the spiritual teaching to attain higher knowledge, consciousness-related/spiritual abilities and forces which you will be able to use in a fully beneficial way.

    You must continuously try to seek and create lasting reverence, to let it become a permanent part of your thoughts and feelings, so all thoughts and feelings of irreverence and disparaging criticism and judgment in your consciousness becomes a thing of the past.

    Absolutely noiseless and undetectable from the outside world, this change takes place when you walk on the path of knowledge and become reverent to all venerable things.

    At first, it will not be easy for you to become knowledgeable because reverence for all venerable things is the basic factor of all knowledge.

    This rests in the fact that you are still inclined to believe, and it is in this belief you accept the assumption that insight is an ability in itself, and purely a consciounsness-related process.

    However, with this line of thought you do not recognize that the origin of all recognition lies in your spirit and your Gemüt as well as your psyche, because only there lie the basic forces of all development and understanding.

    Hence, you will only find the key to the secrets and to the beauty of life inside and outside, when you start to live in yourself, in your spirit, in your Gemüt and in your psyche, which are animated and shaped by knowledge and ability, by consciously generated factors as well as the Empfindungen and feelings, which make themselves understandable as symbols to the spirit, Gemüt and the psyche.

    Hence, you must learn, to control your feelings, your thoughts and Empfindung and to steer them in the necessary strength and direction.

    However, you must also learn to generate them consciously and to work with them. Thereby you learn to develop together with the outside world according to the given sevenfold laws.

    As a principle of your introduction into the spiritual teaching the following value should count for you: that you search for knowledge about the insights of the consciousness-related/spiritual to ripen within yourself and in order to perfect yourself into the evolution that is imposed upon you, you should never search only for insights just for the sake knowledge alone.

    Any knowledge must serve in honest form of your evolution.
    By acquiring insights, every search for Truth must be done in all honesty in your thinking, feelings and Empfindung.
    Your senses must be dedicated towards consciousness-related/spiritual evolution.
    This means to have reverence for the knowledge and the truth.

    Gemüt ( = German word for the spiritual counterpart of the Psyche, there is no correct translation into English available)

    Definitions of good and bad:
    Good = Logical, Neutral, Neutral-positive, creational justice, etc.
    Bad = Illogical, unbalanced-positive, unbalanced-negative, etc.

    Basically fear is good for nothing
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