The price of the "Flannery Hoax"

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    Is this the comedy forum?

    ".. it's funny with the climate deniers, it's called global warming yet deniers..."

    Benny, they stopped calling it global warming years ago, there is a good reason they call it Climate Change now.

    Good to see that you are participating in the world wide witch hunt organised by the Greens.

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    Funniest thing happened today. Visited the new Cotter Dam which was strongly overflowing down the spillway. There are various information displays at lookouts which explain various aspects of the design, building and future of the dam.

    The LOL moment was to realise that it was designed at the height of the "Flannery Hoax". It actually said that the dam may never get completely full, which I read above the roar of the overflowing water. Worse was to come. Because it was designed with the "Flannery Hoax" accepted as truth there may be a fatal flaw in its design.

    Built to withstand a 1 in 4 million year flood event! This flood event may be exceeded a lot sooner because of the possible underestimation by Engineers at the height of the hoax.   Because the "Flannery Hoax" was not exposed till after the dam was built can we assume that there is a time bomb ticking away here. Not really a LOL event but reveals that his hoax may waste more than billions on desal plants.
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