The Preliminary Results of the “Windham Incident” Forensic Audit Are Not Good, page-56

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    The process proceeded and has now ended.

    "Trump Cheered An Election Review In This Tiny New Hampshire Town — Auditors Just Said There’s No Proof Of Fraud

    When New Hampshire began auditing a state legislative race in the town of Windham this month, former President Donald Trump suggested proof of widespread voter fraud could be lurking in the small suburban community — but Windham’s auditors on Thursday concluded there’s no evidence of vote-rigging in the town, in another disappointment for Trump supporters who have failed to substantiate any of the wild claims of nationwide fraud in the November election.

    Officials launched an audit in Windham — a town of 15,000 people near the Massachusetts border — earlier this month, after a recount of a tight state race last November ended with almost 400 votes changing between candidates.

    This month, Trump claimed an audit of Windham’s vote-counting errors could uncover evidence of “massive Election Fraud,” ultimately vindicating his baseless claims that he won last year’s presidential election instead of President Joe Biden.

    But after weeks of scrutinizing Windham’s ballots and voting equipment, a team of town- and state-sanctioned auditors began wrapping up its work Thursday and said there’s no evidence of fraud in the town’s election results last year.

    Instead, auditors have largely blamed last year’s errors on mundane technology issues: A paper-folding machine borrowed by the town left crease marks on some ballots, and excess dust inside the voting machines may have caused scanning errors.

    “Nothing today is showing evidence of fraud. Nothing today is showing evidence of digital manipulation of the machines. Right now, it seems to be a case of a perfect storm,” Harri Hursti, a computer security expert hired by the state to help lead the audit, said Thursday. "

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