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The POS Ark is ready

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    Tomboy is back... i have been on sabbatical on the mountain working like a crazy frog on the POS Ark with all my new friends and posters...   (actually suspended for 5 days for my "inappropriate comments" on SIR thread giving em my thoughts on valuation parameters and infrastructure valuations in the nullabor).

    The POS Ark is ready. The monkeys and villagers are climbing up the mountain here in droves, i cant believe it...sage Fredy, Ichimoku and Old Ant has convinced them im not mad after all... wow the birds and even pelicans are flying in here first... Ive got the team set up, the 3 Mine managers, 2 geologists inside already, the 50 worker team walking up here, just need the villagers and animals in here.

    Fisherman collyn and his pelicans i can see through my binoculars have trawled well in the lower depths 10-13 fathoms ...boats full and heavy with booty.......get outta there collyn no more gold to dig, go to the deeper water, 22-50 fathoms, 13 fathoms is too shallow, that tsunami may kick high and put you and your fisherman in the drink to swim the tsunami and then take you 130 km out. The pelicans are fleeing the shallows. The monkeys are climbing and screeching, even posiedon ark poster on here is calling it...i will pick him up in the blue mountains on the way to the GC.

    I have hired some security guards to restore order around the Ark and take the challenge of poseidon. So many wierdos, freeloaders and new people around here i dont feel safe at all...hey kick out those freeloaders.  But wait theres more...

    Security, ring those sirens again........WWWOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOO... its on its way soon i think, get the villagers and monkeys up to higher ground....save their lives like AF and ANL saved my bosses life in 1995.

    The POS Ark is ready...cmon you little frog and turtle..in you go. you dont want to swim the tsunami. I see in the sky a large burning object maybe its a shooting star for wishful thinking or a deep impact comet to create a tsunami..i am watching the shore, the water is churning, the doubters are quiet, the village dufus has disappeared hiding in the Ark,  call security, this is getting ridiculous, the village looks deserted, climbing the mountain, everyone is scared, how high will this go, is this really going to happen?

    I take a look at my charts, 10 green parameters, 14.5c will make it 12 green parameters...so I pray to the gods remembering Noahs humiliation.... when will they announce the size/life of the LJ hidden deposits i predicted in Sept, the massive higher grade windarra g and h shoots, the LJ DFS, the windarra DFS at $2.80USlb, the windarra restart on govt approvals, the UG miners contracts, the LJ offtake, the LJ tolling, BSwan settlement, so many things to do so little time....or has it been all done already waiting for something even bigger?

    the Ark is ready. PA, the jewels have been shining since Sept but we couldnt see them as they were just in the wrong light... when will vindication arrive. The sage knows....

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