the poor old poms and the ashes

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    Q. What`s the difference between Nasser Hussein and Sadam Hussein?

    A. Saddam has had more victories.

    Q. How bad is the Poms batting?

    A. The selectors want to move extras up the batting

    Q. Why don`t the Poms need travel injections?

    A. Because they never catch anything.

    Q. What do you call a Pom with 100 next to his name?

    A. A bowler.

    Q. What would Glenn Mcgrath be if he was a Pom?

    A AN allrounder.

    Q. Why do Poms want a pay rise?

    A. Someone told them Ashes Tests sometimes go to a
    fourth day.

    Q. What is a Pommy hatrick?

    A. 3 runs in 3 balls.
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