"Free medication? Pfffft, in America? Dreaming"POTUS floated...

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    "Free medication? Pfffft, in America? Dreaming"

    POTUS floated another Seniors bribe a month or so ago - $200 gift cards to spend on medication.

    They would of course have had his name or photo on them & were planned to be delivered pre-election.

    Whilst the scheme looks doomed as a violation of electoral law, it's still being touted at his Superspreader Events. Surprise !!!

    "HHS lawyer: Trump’s drug cards could violate election law

    Health department’s legal concerns about the drug-card plan for seniors could delay plans to promote it beyond Election Day

    The health department’s top lawyer is warning in an internal memo that President Donald Trump's plan to give seniors $200 discount cards to buy prescription drugs could violate election law, according to three officials with knowledge of those legal concerns.

    The lawyer’s objection, coupled with his advice to seek approval from the Department of Justice, is a significant blow to Trump’s hope to promote the hastily devised plan before Election Day."

    "Since Trump announced the cards last month, which came as a surprise to many of his own health officials, career civil servants as well as political appointees have consistently warned that the plan could run afoul of federal rules on spending taxpayer money or how to appropriately design a test of the Medicare program."

    ""[M]ore than 35 million Medicare beneficiaries will soon receive a card in the mail with $200 that you can use to help pay for prescription drugs," Trump vowed again at an event, "Protecting America's Seniors," on Friday afternoon in Florida."


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