The pitiful and warped psychology of anti-vaxxers, page-68

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    Life is not always 'me', 'me', 'me' like it is for so many here! Some of us believe in the 'social contract', social obligations, civic duty etc.

    I'm personally not scared in any way and having had both jabs am perfectly happy to go on my daily one hour walk irrespective of how many people are around!

    But I do have many children, older relatives and friends, some of whom are more vulnerable than others. My son's father in law died of Covid within 10 days of positive testing and found it difficult to get access to adequate medical care in his last days due to overcrowding.

    It is quite clear that if you are vaccinated you are unlikely to get very sick and therefore unlikely to use up hospital beds needed by others with Covid or non-Covid conditions.

    Are you that out of touch that you do not realise that doctors, nurses and paramedics are overworked and burning out due to the additional Covid-caused demand on their services?

    We all have a duty of care to reduce/minimise these pressures as well as minimise our chances of spreading the infection.
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