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    Hi People

    All I am reading is the monotonous dialogue as to what the precise day to day share price is doing

    IMU is a pretty big Reward to Risk play . ( this post obviously applies to any speculative high risk investment )

    Simple ........ if they get it right the upside is potentially massive !

    Some here see 10 cents - some see $1.00 over time ( I happen to subscribe to the higher end )

    So ..........

    if it went to reach 4 cents - thats a 166% return on the current buy in price

    if it went to reach 10 cents - that s 566% return on the current buy in price

    if it went to reach $1.00 thats a 5,900 % return on the current share price

    The time line for these returns is possibly 12 - 60 months ( based on what happens in the Imuno Oncology space )

    In an interest rate environment of 1.5% ( and dividend environment of 1% - 6% ) I'm wondering if the rates of increase listed above are acceptable ???

    Of course they are ....they are down right crazy .

    Will they happen ???? Who Knows ...we all hope so .

    IF they happen ....
    The potential returns are MASSIVE - If they get it Right

    I mean WTF do people want ? A straight line of steady green with continual steady price increments ???
    It just doesn't work that way .

    IF indeed the IMU B Cell platform goes the way its supposed to ....... these prices above are are all possibilities
    That discussion has been had , and irrespective of the 4 billion shares on issue . ( agree or dont I couldnt care less )

    So who really cares whether the price is 1.4 cents versus 2 cents .

    The main game for me on IMU is "be there" "be invested " ......and see what happens .

    The upside is worth the downside risk I reckon .


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