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    It seems The Oz is increasingly concerned with the relationship between the ALP and Australia's Jewish community and could almost be seen to be taking its lead from the Australian Jewish News.

    Page two of today's paper had a short story on Kevin Rudd's impending trip to Israel and his attempts to play down the discord between Labor and the Jewish community.

    Rudd said, "I think the Israeli Government has a few other important things on their mind than a minor domestic scrap here in Australia."

    But the Rudd story pointed to a feature by The Oz's political editor Dennis Shanahan which suggested the "minor domestic scrap" could become more important to Labor at election time.

    Jewish businessmen David Goldberger (Graeme Samuel's best friend) and David Same both said there were tensions between the Labor and the Jewish community and Same said his donation would not automatically go to Labor anymore.

    Meanwhile, the Oz followed up on last week's David Irving film furore with a closer look at the Goldschlager family, who were behind the last minute cancellation of the film.

    It turns out they are Jewish immigrants who fled Austria in 1938.

    A spokesperson for the Goldschlager family told the Oz that the screening "contravened all the necessary regulations of our building and we acted upon that." The Goldschlager's evicted the tenants of their buildings on Friday and they have responded by threatening to sue.

    What a beautiful thing. Richard Wolstencroft and his dubious cronies running the little-known underground film festival failed to find a venue that the Jewish lobby couldn't influence.

    When the court challenge failed, the Jewish landlord simply booted out the tenants and had the last laugh. Of course, with legal action beckoning they can't say this.

    Crazy conspiracy theorists will no doubt cite this as further evidence that "the Jews own everything".

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