the original error with program

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    Although we must be suspicious of TV programs,the SBS program 'Behind closed doors' seemed to confirm that the original stuff up occured in the way the Gulf War 1 ended.Instead of Saddam fading away,or thrown out he came back with a vengeance on his own unprotected people.From there he has been able to play a good poker hand and stay ahead of the other players.9/11 was probably a shock to him and not in his plans at all.As it is,the focus has returned to him.During Clintons' term he was able to build up his strength again and become a danger.Bush snr erred badly in stopping the war and not prosecuting a proper ceasefire,surrender and disarmament program.How to wind the clock back has 2 versions.The US wants to go back to Gulf War 1 and resume.the unwilling want to go back to when the weapons inspectors were thrown out.In reality,we should first go back to the 'throw out' period.and if that does not work,back to resumption of the war.However the type of war that should be resumed will be different or should be if worse consequences are not to follow.Indescriminate[cowardly] bombing will only result in another 9/11.Some will say,give them hell from the comfort of their archairs;but terrorism cannot be stopped,only limited by reducing the need.Drugs are the same and that fight has not been won.
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