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    The admission process
    12-24 weeks before admission

    Appoint your advisers
    Instruct all advisers
    Agree the timetable to admission

    6-12 weeks before admission

    Review any problem areas that have emerged
    Produce the draft prospectus/admission document
    Produce the first draft of the other required documents
    Conduct the initial review of pricing issues
    Review PR presentations
    Host analyst presentations

    1-6 weeks before admission

    Continue drafting meetings
    Carry out and complete due diligence
    Hold PR meetings and roadshow
    Register the prospectus with the UKLA
    Submit 10-day announcement to Exchange of intention to join AIM

    1 week before admission

    All documents completed and approved
    Pricing and allocation of the offer
    Register the prospectus
    Sign subscription agreement
    Bulk print final prospectus

    Admission week

    Pay Exchange fees
    Submit documents
    Admission to AIM granted
    Trading begins

    Any views as to where range fit in to the above....it looks as though they fit into the 1 - 6 weeks. I have been checking the UKLA website to see if any prospectus has been lodged. Nothing to be found. Am I looking in place?
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