the opes lag

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    having a good look at stocks that i hold, have held or have had an eye on, it's not hard to fathom the fallout from the opes mess

    i'll never look at another stock's sp, thinking that this is a true reflection of how the, market rates that company

    short selling, via loans, has had such an impact on so many companies, i can see why so many have not moved according to the perception of so many

    rrs, boe, sla, cvi & red are just some of the many that could reasonably be considered to be undervalued because of short selling - now we have the likes of anz wanting to offload unwanted stocks - lol, no coincidence that merril is also involved with lift global

    let's be honest here - we are in a bear market because of short selling and the easy credit

    the markets have allowed themselves to be taken as hostages and surely regulators have a lot to answer for - but of course, stuff all will come of it

    i've been fairly lucky to have exited some 'tainted' stocks with not too much pain - but i do feel for others who could argue very easily that they have been dudded, as i have in watching certain companies not appreciate as could be reasonably expected

    saturday morning ramble over

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